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I have always liked to use my camera and take pictures as far back as I was able to hold a camera. I would take movies and photographs of all my vacations and family gatherings.   I like photography because I like to capture memories. It’s also because I want to be a famous photographer.

I have been told I look at things differently and that is why I am good at photography. I do not know if this is true as these are the only two eyes I have. I have a camera with me wherever I go and sometimes two or three. I have  been taking pictures as long as I have been able to hold a camera. I have taken my photography to the next level to include still photography.

Taking pictures and editing them is my story, it helps me to communicate. In these moments time stood still.


What kind of pictures do I like to take?   I like to take pictures of scenery as it talks to me, animals, people and even textures, the ones that make me feel like I touch something real.  In these moments time stands still and you can see and feel a story.

Where is my favorite place to take pictures?   My favorite place to take pictures is everywhere I go and any place where a magical event or unforgettable moment is taking place. I have a passion for photography to include events, nature, and travel, including my favorite place on earth, Disney.

It always amazed me that I could stop a moment in time and carry with me. My camera became my best friend.


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