In Conner’s Words

I have always like to use my camera and take pictures as far back as I was able to hold a camera. I would take movies and still pictures of all my vacations and family gatherings.   I like photography because I like to capture memories. It’s also because I want to be a famous photographer.

I have been told I look at things differently and that is why I am good at photography. I do not know if this is true as these are the only two eyes I have. I have a camera with me wher ever I go sometimes two or three.

Takng pictures and editing them is my story, it helps me to communicate.

What kind of pictures do I like to take?   I like to take pictures of scenery as it talks to me, animals, people and even textures, the ones that make me feel like I touch something real.

Where is my favorite place to take pictures?   My favorite place to take pictures is everywhere I go and any place where a magical event is taking place.

Who do I want thank?  I want to thank Ms. Stephanie and Ms. Bedford for helping me with my photography when I started, and my Mom and Dad for always helping me through my teenage years, and especially my Mom who continues to inspire and support me because she believes in me and I believe in her.


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