From Conner’s Mom


Conner’s two favorite words are Believe and Magic.  These two simple words have been the foundation for Conner’s achievements.  Conner stopped “normal” progression at the age of one.  The therapist told us he would never speak, he would not feel comfortable in a crowd or new settings and he would not be able to follow more than one simple command at a time.

As Conner’s Parents we saw a spark inside Conner that just needed to be released.  We found a speech therapist and teacher who believed in Conner. And Conner learned how to believe in himself.

To know Conner is to know strength and determination.  Conner leads his own journey…his way!

Conner truly has a gift for photography along with a love and passion.  In all of his events I am simply known as “Conner’s Mom” and I could not be more proud.

Conner believes he will be a famous photographer and I believe in my son!

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